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TellFinder Alliance:
collaboration across borders and sectors.

Through TellFinder Alliance, the investigative challenges of law enforcement, the insights generated by researchers, the needs and dynamics experienced by nonprofits, and the capabilities of tech companies advance TellFinder technology to meet needs impossible to address using traditional methods.



  • pilot emerging technology with law enforcement

  • identify patterns and trends in human trafficking-related recruitment, advertisement, movement, or representation online

  • develop deep insights regarding the effect of public policy on markets for forced labor or sex


Our goal is not just to innovate technology, but to bring about tangible advancements in operations that offer relief, insights that shape policy, and advocacy to raise awareness.

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Both public actors and private organizations stand to benefit in their efforts to combat human trafficking through partnerships. 


Why We're Different.

We are a Global Network.

We have over 240 active law enforcement partners including district attorneys, federal agencies, and police departments all over the United States. 


Globally, we partner with national police forces across NATO as well as international organizations, such as the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services.

We are Rooted in
Advanced Research.

TellFinder is the result of a three-year federally-funded
$60M dollar effort focused on developing next-generation search technologies to help investigators uncover the footprint of human trafficking on the surface, deep, and dark web. 


Over 100 software developers and data scientists from 17 top organizations and institutions came together to work hand-in-hand with human trafficking subject matter experts to develop and test emerging technology with public prosecutors, law enforcement, and NGOs at the local, state, and federal level. 


This rigorous pilot and beta testing process resulted in advanced technology in Internet search, data extraction and organization, image matching, and identification of hidden connections in online data.

We are Committed to
a New Way of Doing Business.

Making meaningful advances in counter-human trafficking is at the center of everything we do. 


We actively monitor the online market for commercial sex, looking for new indicators of risk, identify new data sources, and generating new technology solutions for emerging problems.


Law enforcement partners using TellFinder technology will see their tools and approaches enhanced by the latest research from our partners at The Alan Turing Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, and others.


TellFinder Alliance was co-founded by the social good arm of Uncharted Software and the District Attorney of New York.


Corporate social responsibility is a core value at Uncharted, where our teams are committed to ensuring that our research and technology can have a positive social impact on the world.

Our Partners


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