The TellFinder Tool for Counter Human Trafficking will close on December 10, 2021.


TellFinder Alliance -- a global counter-human trafficking partner network, empowered by data -- has been proud to provide access to the TellFinder tool for counter human trafficking since our launch in 2014. This access was paid for by key Alliance partners like DARPA, the District Attorney of New York, Microsoft Research and Uncharted Software. Since that time, we’ve served thousands of investigators and prosecutors globally in our mission to modernize counter-human trafficking efforts with technology that evolves as human trafficking evolves.


Sadly, our funding has come to an end. The TellFinder tool will close operations on December 10, 2021. TellFinder Alliance will continue to support its members through June of 2022.


We understand this may have an impact on your work. Here are some common questions:

  • How do I access TellFinder data?

    • From now until December 10, 2021: TellFinder’s tool and data will remain publicly accessible, with no changes, at

    • From December 10, 2021 through June 2022: You can request technical support on TellFinder data for ongoing cases directly by contacting

  • I have an ongoing or upcoming trial. Can TellFinder still help?

    • You can request TellFinder analytic support, data (web reconstructions), business records certification, and/or expert witness testimony for ongoing cases by contacting These paid services are charged on a standard per-case basis.

    • Data support for trials will include up-to-date results through June 2022. Questions about data availability can be directed to 

  • Where else can I get data like TellFinder after it’s gone?

    • For the US and Canada, you can access a subset of data through Spotlight by Thorn.

    • For the UK, you can access a subset of data through Traffic Jam by Marinus Analytics.


How can TellFinder keep going? TellFinder’s advanced data collection, processing, and analytics technology enables highly effective counter human trafficking operations. An annual commitment of US $50,000 from several organizations would keep TellFinder running. Advocate within your organization for this remarkable tool to combat human trafficking. Contact to discuss opportunities to keep TellFinder going.


From all of us on the TellFinder team, thank you for the work you do, the mission you serve and the people you help.